I bought a house!

This is kind of old news now, but I didn't tell too many people about my new house, so I'm taking the time to do it now.  The whole thing happened really fast.  I wasn't planning on buying a house back in September, I thought I would wait another year before starting my house hunt.  One day I just went for it, and before I knew it was making an offer.  I moved in the first week of December, and I'm loving the extra space!  I only have a few pictures at the moment so bare with me.  I have been busy and haven't felt motivated to take many pictures since the house inspection back in late October.  I'll post some more pictures later so you can see how it looks now that its getting set up.  Click on the pictures to cycle through (the guy in the backyard is the house inspector).  The last picture is my breakfast nook on Christmas Day.