My first shoot

Oh boy, I'm way behind on my blog posting.  I wanted to get this one up before its old news.  This weekend I had the pleasure of filming my first wedding video for my sister-in-law's sister (I've said "sister-in-law's sister" more times than I can count in the last two weeks!).  I'll post the actual video later but for now I wanted to post some of the pictures I snapped in between filming video.  

I shot all my video as RAW image sequences at 23.976 frames per second which gobbled up 142 GB of memory card on my Canon 5DMK3 and Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.  I used a Canon 70-200 F2.8 for most of my video and stills.  My computer is churning out the extracted files right now, and I'm pretty excited by what I see.  More to come soon (video stills, etc)...I hope!  Thanks Dana and Dan for being my guinea pigs and trusting me with your wedding video!