Sandflies and Typhoons: More New Zealand Pictures

The Catlins

After Orepuki we started our exploration of the Catlins on the south island's southeastern corner in Curio Bay. Our hotel experience was not much fun, but we did enjoy catching some glimpses of the tiny dolphins just off shore and the beachside petrified forest. We also got our first introduction to swarms of blood thirty sandflies. 

The Catlins is made up of lush green forests and picturesque waterfalls. My wife also found the tree that captured Merry and Pippin on their way to Tom Bombadil's house. I was able to free her after I got a picture.

On our way out of the Catlins we stopped at Nugget Point and saw the nuggets. The weather made a turn for the worse as a typhoon swirling in the Tasman sea. I didn't take many pictures in Dunedin or Timaru. I took a few pictures on our drive back across the island to the west coast via the Haast Pass.

If you click on the image above you'll get a better view of my lake Wanaka panorama. That's it for now. Stay tuned for our west coast pictures next time.